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Al-Sayer joins volunteers for beach cleaning

KUWAIT: As part of its corporate social responsibility to address environment preservation and protection as a key priority, Al-Sayer volunteering team ‘Al-Sayer Always With You’ conducted a beach cleaning campaign in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Support and Rescue Team, a non-profit organization who actively imprinted their role of community services across Kuwait at Anjafa beach.

More than two hundred volunteers including Al-Sayer volunteers, Kuwaiti Support and Rescue Team, Kuwait Municipality, and other leading Kuwait volunteering members participated to dedicate their efforts for a beautiful and safe Kuwait. All volunteers were committed with the COVID-19 protocols by wearing safety and prevention gears and managed social distancing while spreading awareness on the strong need of social actions against pollution of marine habitats.

It is highly important for us to create awareness and people’s engagement to protect Kuwait’s 325 plus kilometer long naturally habited coastline from solid and liquid manmade waste. It is a collaborative approach by government, society and organizations to join hands for pristine and clean beaches without hazardous trash and litters.

The event was attended by the Author – Iman Al-Khabbaz, Muhammad Al-Jabaa – Director of the Hawalli Cleaning Department of Kuwait Municipality, Khaled Al-Habban – Director of the People of Kuwait Account to support the volunteer teams in the media, the journalists Jassim Al-Shammari, and Nehad Al-Haj Ali General Manager Al-Sayer Corporate Excellence.

The campaign ‘SeaNoMask’ carried a message to the society on the impact of COVID-19 on the environment especially to our sea and beaches. To alarm the community to properly dispose face masks, gloves and other protective gears along with plastic trash which is scattered across after an outing. Large quantity of such hazardous waste is dumped at the beachside or the sea, where marine life can mistake them for food and led for many death cases worldwide yearly; a dangerous cycle for environment and for human life.

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