Al Sayer partners with the Scientific Center

Prius Hybrid grabs attention with “Lift A Car” activity

Al Sayer partners with the Scientific Center
Al Sayer partners with the Scientific Center

KUWAIT: Mohamed Naser Al Sayer has recently announced their partnership with Scientific Center a subsidiary of Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science exhibiting “lift a car” activity for Prius, World’s first mass produced hybrid from Toyota. The partnership was announced during the occasion of opening the observation hall following its renovation under the auspices of Minister of Higher Education, Bader Hamad Al-Eassa.

The contract signing ceremony and the opening press conference were attended by representatives from Marketing including Salah Mohammad Deputy Group Manager, Bader Faisal Al Sayer Deputy Marketing Manager and Hamad Fouzan Deputy Manager from Toyota Advertising and Promotion division. The press conference was followed by a tour of the new facility with explanation and demonstration of the new display items for the distinguished guests, supported by representatives from Scientific Center.

According to Sami Fahad Al-Rasheed, Chairman of Scientific Center “We have embarked on a policy based on simplification of science and promotion of environmental awareness in an entertaining atmosphere as a key objective set when the work team reviewed more than 300 hundred interactive display items. The seaside of Science Center has been extended to 1.4 km by adding 18 interactive display items at the walk passageway. Most noticeable of these is “lift your car” which allows visitor to lift a Toyota car by a pull rope only.”

Fascinating Science Logic Defined Through “Lift A Car” Activity:
The interesting scientific activity with Prius encourages visitors to lift a car by their own by trying different ropes. The activity reveals a brilliant fact that two times the distance equals half the effort, making it possible to lift the car just by pulling the rope at the other end of the lever.

Prius – Innovative Hybrid Technology For Stunning Performance and Exceptional Fuel Economy:
In 1997 Toyota introduced-the Prius-offering much better fuel economy than any other vehicle powered by a gasoline engine.  The Prius was appearing on the market in Japan in 1997 and sold globally in 2000. The Prius has constantly evolved to meet every challenge and stay at the forefront of hybrid technology. The history of the Prius is a fascinating one and showcases the enormous strides taken in developing an iconic vehicle for our times. The fourth generation Prius is a truly exciting development in the series. Prius surprised the world.  The idea of the Prius has caught on since then.

Johan Heislitz Senior Business Director at Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer Toyota said “The partnership with Scientific Center, a futuristic landmark in Kuwait is important for us, to appreciate their efforts towards developing such unique facilities for entertaining education lovers. Al Sayer representing Toyota brand in Kuwait also acknowledges Scientific Center’s mission aimed at simplicity of science and promotion of environment awareness across all ages in an entertaining interactive atmosphere.

Earlier this year we had launched the revolutionary Prius hybrid in Kuwait and since then we been receiving positive response from the public. Display of Prius could not have come at a better time and I am confident Lift a Car activity will surely entertain and gran a lot of attention.”

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