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Alghanim Industries supports KRCS campaign to keep Syrian refugees warm

Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim

KUWAIT: Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately owned companies in the region, restated its commitment towards aiding displaced Syrian families in refugee camps by supporting a recent Kuwait Red Crescent Society relief campaign. This collaboration further underscores both entities’ commitment to help the underprivileged.

The company supported the campaign with funds to cover the costs of thousands of blankets and fuel needed for heaters. The supplies are distributed to thousands of families braving the sub-zero temperatures in the region of Bekaa valley in the east of Lebanon. Further supporting the cause, Alghanim Industries promoted this campaign to thousands of its followers on social media channels.

Commenting on this recent collaboration with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, Chairman of Alghanim Industries, Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim said: “This winter, thousands of refugees face severe weather conditions. Partnering with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, we are eager to address some of the many difficulties endured by these families. Through this campaign, we hope to have positive impact on their lives, and make a difference in this protracted crisis. We thank the Kuwait Red Crescent Society for their noble efforts, and the continued aide they provide to people in need.”

Alghanim Industries is committed to its strategy of giving forward to the community by empowering underprivileged people, supporting education and encouraging entrepreneurship as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. The company was previously named ‘Diamond Partner’ by Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) in recognition of its efforts to support KRCS by facilitating treatment for needy patients in Kuwait. The company also covered the expenses of restoring houses for the Children’s Home – an orphanage launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s Social Welfare Sector for all orphans in Kuwait.

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