All your questions answered about the new HUAWEI P50 – The ultimate Camera phone with Aesthetic Design

Heard the latest talk of the town? If you said the Huawei’s newly launched HUAWEI P50, then you are right; at least, when it comes to smartphones. Dubbed as the ultimate camera phone with aesthetic design, the phone has everything that you would want in a flagship phone in 2022; a fantastic camera system, stylish design, long battery life, exceptional charging speeds, intriguing features and more. You might have many questions about the latest flagship from Huawei and this article will tell you everything you need to know.


What is so special about the HUAWEI P50 camera?

Huawei’s P-series is known to have fantastic cameras with ground-breaking improvements with each and every iteration. Moreover, with the HUAWEI P50, the cameras have reached a new level of sophistication. The True-Form Dual-Matrix Camera system on this phone consists of the powerful Main Camera Matrix and SuperZoom Matrix. The camera hardware takes advantage of impressive image processing engines as well. The integration of the camera hardware with the HUAWEI XD Optics results in brighter high-resolution images, shot with more light taken in, and cleaner with more details.

You will notice huge improvements in colours in the pictures shot with the HUAWEI P50. The True-Chroma Image Engine delivers the highest possible colour accuracy, creating images that reflect what is seen by the human eye. The HUAWEI P50 supports 4K video recording across the full focal range. The all-new AIS Pro image stabilisation solution helps users easily capture stable handheld videos, even when zoomed-in 4K time-lapse mode allows users to distil the beauty of time, while AI cinemagraph is great for creative shots that showcase minor movements.


How does the phone’s design contribute to the user’s overall experience?

You do not only take beautiful photos with the HUAWEI P50, but the phone itself is a beauty to behold. The big and powerful camera system on the phone is turned into an iconic dual ring design that is instantly recognisable. Everything else besides the Dual-Matrix Camera Design is stunning and eye-catching as well. Huawei has long been the industry leader in design and manufacturing, with every generation of the HUAWEI P Series debuting a unique signature colourway. The HUAWEI P50 is available in two beautiful finishes; Cocoa Gold and Golden Black.

The HUAWEI P50 6.5-inch display supports 1.07 billion colours and True-Chroma display technology, allowing it to produce colours with accuracy comparable to professional reference displays. The HUAWEI P50 is IP68 certified for dust and water resistance, and it sports dual stereo speakers for an immersive audio experience.

Is the battery life of the HUAWEI P50 good enough for intense use?

Yes, the HUAWEI P50 does have a pretty good battery life. The smartphone packs a 4100 mAh battery into a compact design with a thickness of 7.92 mm only and it supports 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge for swift recharging.


How can the Super Device features help simplify your life?

EMUI 12 with an innovative UI and a clean and elegant look powers the HUAWEI P50. Controlling multiple devices at once is as easy as controlling one single device, thanks to the Super Device features. The Device+ tab in Control Panel enables users to easily control or set up multi-device collaboration with other devices, such as FreeBuds, MatePad and MateBook. With the Distributed File System, the HUAWEI P50 can also function as a wirelessly connected external storage unit for the PC, meaning you can access the files you want more easily than ever before. The trusted, innovative and secure AppGallery is available on the HUAWEI P50 where users can download a wide range of high-quality apps.

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