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Badrya Darwish

Hi guys. I was so busy over the week, I forgot to write about something important about my last trip through Kuwait Airport. I hope one day this airport will change and we have a new one. But please until the new one is ready, can’t you maintain the existing one we are using? First can I ask is there a maintenance department in the airport? I have no idea. Whoever is in charge of the maintenance, can I please bring to his attention the problem with the escalator which brings passengers from the gates downstairs to the immigration hall.

Since last August if my memory is still as sharp, this escalator has been out of order. Of course there is another one adjacent and in between proper stairs but imagine you have your briefcase, bags and everyone is using one escalator or has to suffer down the stairs. Its ok if you are young and carrying nothing. But imagine an old man with a cane and at twice I’ve helped mothers struggling with their strollers and the baby bag and the baby trying to get them all safely to the floor below. How much does it cost the airport maintenance department to fix one broken escalator? It’s not as long as the Oxford Circus underground in London which is hundreds of steps.

And if they don’t have budgets, we would be glad to publish a campaign to raise donations to fix the escalator.
After the escalator trouble, you pass through immigration. I want to just thank Interior Ministry for all the positive improvements. I have to say Immigration are now more efficient, fast, very organized and we started seeing smiling faces.
But then another horror. Waiting for your luggage. The only plane which landed that morning was our flight – London-Kuwait- and we still had to wait not less than 50 minutes for our bags. It was unbelievable. I felt sorry for the captain and his crew who were also waiting with us for their luggage. Why such a delay? It was 6am and we were the only flight at that time arriving. No other action on the other conveyor belts. Is it to do with lack of workers?

I started to get edgy and grumbly, that’s the nature of journalists anyway. Then a woman standing near me noticed and told me, “Relax, Allah Kareem (Keep the faith in God). They are building a new airport and I hope things will be better and faster and we will at least become as modern and updated as our brothers in the Gulf.”

Well let’s pray that she’s right. But still that does not excuse the broken escalator.

By Badrya Darwish
[email protected]

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