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Alshaya & Alsagar hails Mobil, Red Bull victory at 2022 Saudi Arabian GP

KUWAIT: Mobil 1, along with Red Bull Racing, is one of the most successful teams in recent Formula One history, winning 63 Formula One Grand Prix races, four Drivers’ and four Constructors’ World Championships during the last 16 years. The vast knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in Grand Prix Racing fit perfectly with the Mobil 1 team’s approach: Clear thinking, extensive research, and a combined effort of technology and creativity.

Commenting on the upgraded fuel, Red Bull Racing Honda Team Principal, Christian Horner, said: “Winning in Formula One comes as a result of an incredibly intricate process whereby competitive advantage is assembled from a huge variety of elements, all the way from aerodynamics through to horsepower and creating the optimum fuel for the power unit.”

Max Verstappen’s 2022 charge roared into life in Jeddah as the defending World Champion passed Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in a nail-biting finish to win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Sergio Pérez was forced to settle for fourth place behind Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz after the pole-sitting Mexican was disadvantaged when the safety car was released almost immediately after he had made his first pit stop from the race lead.

The cat and mouse game began, and at the end of the lap, Max attacked again on the next lap, once more closing under DRS ahead of turn 27, but this time he locked up, and Leclerc held the lead as they began lap 44. With five laps to go, Max attempted to make a move into turn one. Leclerc positioned his car well, though the World Champion had to back out of the attempt. However, he closed again rapidly and put his vehicle almost alongside the Ferrari at the end of the lap. That gave him the perfect opportunity at the start of lap 47, and with the aid of DRS on the main straight, he swept past the Ferrari to take the lead.

Ashish Tandon, General Manager of KAICO (Kuwait Automotive Imports Co WLL – Alshaya & Alsagar) stated, “We are thrilled to see Mobil along with Red Bull racing winning the 2022 Saudi Arabian GP”. Jayan O S, Divisional Manager of Mobil stated, “We are proud to see the Mobil team along with red bull achieving such success'”.

KAICO, the only authorized distributers of Mobil 1 oil since 75 years in Kuwait, has always been proactive in providing the best facilities in the Kuwait market, which is a component in the company’s strategy that the customer’s satisfaction always comes first.


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