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Ambassador meets prominent Pakistani executives in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Pakistani executives from the accountancy profession working in various industrial and service sectors in Kuwait met the Pakistani Ambassador Sajjad at the Pakistan House recently. At the start of the meeting, the ambassador welcomed everyone at the Pakistan House. He reiterated that Pakistani professionals in Kuwait should play a positive role in further enhancing Pakistan’s image in accountancy, finance and technology field.

Ambassador Sajjad also highlighted the achievements of Pakistanis in Kuwait in other areas like health, financial services and technology. He hoped that these trends will continue and that the Pakistani diaspora in Kuwait will “continue to make Pakistan proud of their ever-growing achievements in their fields.”

He then requested the executives gathered to ask questions and responded to their enquiries and gave his views on the issues raised. The Pakistani executives thanked the ambassador for accepting to meet them and were pleased to hear the measures taken by the ambassador and his team to solve the issues faced by the Pakistan community and also thanked them for their responsiveness whenever help has been requested.

During lunch organized for the prominent Pakistani executives, further discussions were held and future actions determined. At the end of the meeting, the ambassador lauded the positive role being played by the Pakistani executives in Kuwait and wished them success in their future endeavors.


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