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Amendments eyed to lure citizens into private sector

KUWAIT: MP Yousif Al-Fadhalah announced that the private labor law’s amendments concerning indemnity and adjusting article 70 of law 85/2019 concerning official leaves will be discussed in a parliamentary session on Jan 8, before preparing a report by the parliamentary health committee. Fadhalah added that the adjustments target resolving problems that had been making citizens reluctant to work for the private sector.

Subsidized goods
Official documents issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) show that most citizens are satisfied with subsidized goods and construction material the ministry provides. A recent survey by MoCI showed that 87 percent of the participants (221 citizens) were fully satisfied with the subsidized construction material, 70 percent of them thought the procedures followed were simple and easy, 64 percent thought some of the items were more than needed and requested swapping them with other materials and 72 percent of the participants thought the supplying companies fully cooperate with citizens, while 75 percent thought the materials’ quantity was insufficient.

Undersecretaries’ reshuffle
Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah issued limited transfer resolutions for some assistant undersecretaries including transferring the assistant undersecretary for citizenship and residency affairs Maj Gen Faisal Al-Nawaf to be appointed assistant undersecretary for general security affairs. The resolution also included transferring assistant undersecretary for administrative affairs Maj Gen Talal Maarafi to be appointed as assistant undersecretary for citizenship and residency affairs. The minister also referred major generals Ibrahim Al-Tarrah and Ali Madhi to retirement on their request and promoted them to the rank of retired lieutenant general.

Unlawful payment
Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s assistant undersecretary for financial and administrative affairs Hamad Al-Enezi stressed that the malfunction in the social aid system in 2016 allowed undeserving individuals to join the citizens unlawfully receiving social aid allowances of a total value of KD 30 million so far. Enezi added that a specialized systems solutions company has been hired to provide the social care department with the latest systems for KD 244,000, noting that the one-year contract includes building the system and maintaining it for a year, plus training ministry employees on using it.

Farwaniya Hospital fight
Farwaniya Hospital Manager Dr Ref’ah Al-Rasheedi said those involved in a fight in the hospital’s casualty department yesterday were referred to relevant authorities. Commenting on a video circulated on social media showing citizens fighting in the hospital, Rasheedi explained that the fight had started outside the hospital and that the fighting parties resumed their fight in the casualty department before they were all controlled by relevant authorities.

By A Saleh

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