American man arrested for running gambling den

This handout photo shows an American man arrested for running a gambling den in his residence.

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested an American man for running a gambling den in his residence. Detectives learned about the American’s activity, so investigations were conducted and proved the information were correct. The house, located in Egaila was raided, tools, money and liquor were found. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Gasoline truck overturns on highway
Firemen responded to a dangerous situation yesterday when a gasoline tanker, with a full load of gasoline, flipped over in Rigaie. Ardhiya, hazardous material and support centers responded to the accidents. Large amounts of fuel spilled onto the street, so firemen prevented more leakage, and contained the leaks by closing the manholes.
In another incident, two cars were rescued by Doha firemen when they were stuck in mud near Um Al-Namel Island. The drivers, who work with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), were touring the area during a high tide which almost covered one of the cars. People in the cars were taken out and the cars were towed from the mud.

Detectives catch forger
Residency affairs detectives arrested an Iranian man for forging official documents. Information had it that a company is suspected for having applied for a large number of visas. Detectives investigated the matter and found out that four visas were issued without the knowledge of the company owner, as she is the only one who can sign on her company transactions. When transactions were reviewed, it was discovered the suspect signed them and asked the mandoob (representative) to process them.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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