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Animal lovers protest stray dogs’ poisoning in Kuwait

‘That action must not be seen in a country of humanity’

KUWAIT: Under the slogan ‘Spay Do Not Poison,’ Kuwaitis and animal lovers held a peaceful stand at the Iradah Square in Kuwait City yesterday to call the government to stop poisoning stray dogs. Recent reports and videos have appeared on social media recently showing stray dogs which posters say were dying after ingesting poison left by personnel working for the Public Authority of Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources.

Noura Al-Hadad, animal rights activist and the protest’s organizer, told Kuwait Times that the stand was held for the rights of animals, pointing out the ‘growing problem’ of stray dogs and street cats that are harmed, poisoned and abused. “We are standing today against the poisoning of stray dogs in Kuwait, the state of humanity,” she said. “We gather today to ask authorities who are responsible to stop poisoning the dogs because there are many better ways to reduce the number of stray animals. Also, We wish people to live with these creatures and know their rights.”

Hadad explained that the problem usually starts in newly populated areas, which were inhabited by stray dogs and cats before residential buildings were built there. Due to lack of awareness, people who move to those areas become afraid of stray animals they see on the streets, she explained.

“This peaceful stand is attended by dozens of people who are standing at a temperature of 50 C degrees only to propose solutions other than poisoning,” Hadad remarks. “Dogs suffer from poisoning for up to five days before they die. People are here because of a video that spread on social media of helpless puppies, not more than three months old, which were poisoned and left to suffer to death. That action must not be seen in a country of humanity that is ruled by the Amir of humanity.”

About alternative methods to avoid poisoning stray dogs, Hadad said that sterilization, which takes a period of time to be applied, is the best solution for both sides, but it may take from three to five years to see the results. “Awareness campaigns should also be held in schools, media, social media and other channels about animals right,” she added. “The government must put in place animal protection laws. Our religion is merciful and our country is a country of humanity. This must be taken into account.”

By Faten Omar

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