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Arab girls in another perspective

Real Fouz

Most people who follow me from the very beginning know that I started my page on social media because of my love for makeup, and sharing different looks and products with my followers. I was obsessed with MAC cosmetics and I used to post different looks using their products all the time. Ever since I started experimenting with make up and using it, I started with MAC, specifically their lipsticks. MAC lipsticks were the first products that made me fall in love with make up.

MAC is genuinely one of my all time favorite brands that I’ve tried and worked with. I’m so grateful that social media has given me the opportunity to work with them on many different collaborations, as well as my most recent and biggest collaboration, which was creating my own lipstick. At the beginning, working with MAC was a huge deal for me, even before the collaboration of the Real Fouz lipstick. When they first suggested me that something like this might happen, it was an achievement. I was so honored by the fact that they even considered me as someone they would want to work with and being the first and only Arab influencer to get this opportunity was also a huge deal.

Creating “The Real Fouz” lipstick and seeing how people reacted to it was like a dream come true. The whole process was so different and exciting for me, especially choosing the lipstick shade, which I’m so happy with and it’s honestly become my most worn lipstick these past few months. I didn’t want to pick a color that people weren’t used to seeing me wearing; I wanted something that matched my personality and I made sure to include my followers and supporters from the beginning stages of creating the lipstick.

From choosing the shade of the lipstick to visiting the MAC labs in Canada and creating the lipstick for the first time to finally launching was an amazing journey. Feeling the support of the entire gulf and the amount of people that showed up at the launch and bought the lipstick, as well as the fact that it sold out online within 30 minutes all over gulf, was an indescribable feeling. I’m so glad that a global brand like MAC shed some light on Arab girls and gave us the opportunity to show the world that we are successful, sophisticated and independent and not the stereotype that many people around the world have in mind.

To me, it isn’t just that I created a lipstick with MAC, its much more than that. It was the whole concept of a global brand working with an Arab influencer and how foreigners got a chance to see Arab girls in another perspective. I’m so proud that I was able to represent the Arab world and Arab women and a huge thank you to everyone who made this possible; I couldn’t have done it without your love and support.

By Real Fouz


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