Arab League vehemently condemns Zionist aggression on Gaza strip

Cairo: The League of Arab States vehemently condemned Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip earlier on Tuesday. The atrocious crime resulted in the death of 14 Palestinians and injury of 20 others, some of whom were women and children.

The League’s Assistant Secretary-General and President of the Palestine Sector and Occupied Arab Territories, Saeed Abu Ali conveyed this in a statement.

Abu Ali denounced the recurring Zionist incursions, the latest of which happened earlier on in Nablus, and stated that this dangerous escalation adopted by the right-wing government, and open war on Palestinian people, annihilate any chance for a peaceful resolution.

The pan-Arab bloc called on the international community, namely the UN’s Security Council, to intervene immediately, put a stop to Zionist aggression, provide protection to Palestinian people and serve justice to those who commit crimes against them.

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