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Arrests during surprise raid in Salmiya

KUWAIT: Under the direct field supervision of Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lt Gen Anwar Al-Barjas, authorities carried out a surprise security campaign in Salmiya on Tuesday, which resulted in the arrest of many residency violators and wanted persons.

Barjas heard from security officials on the plan and deployment of security checkpoints within Hawally governorate. He then inspected surveillance cameras in a number of police stations and reviewed the mechanism of work in them and procedures followed. He also inspected the detention cells of the stations and listened to detainees, directing to meet their needs in accordance with the laws, principles and charters of human rights.

The general directorate of security relations and media of the interior ministry affirmed that the security establishment continues its efforts on the ground and necessary preventive security measures to arrest violators of residency laws and wanted persons and combat all forms of crime. It called on everyone to cooperate with security personnel and not shelter any violator of the law.

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