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Arrival of Caracal choppers to boost state capabilities

KUWAIT: National Guard Deputy Chief Lt Gen Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah attends the inauguration ceremony of the Caracal multirole helicopters. – KUNA

KUWAIT: Kuwait yesterday said Caracal multirole helicopters should reinforce capabilities across state bodies, as the first batch of the French-made aircraft landed in the country under a military deal worth $1 billion. The multirole aircraft will facilitate integral operations such as search and rescue efforts, in addition to emergency evacuation plans, said Kuwait National Guard Deputy Chief Lt Gen Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah.

He hailed the arrival of the aircraft as a “turning point” in Kuwait’s military history, besides one of many long-term development plans envisaged by the National Guard, attributing this success to its chief HH Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah. On the National Guard’s future ambitions, he said the “sky is the limit”, in line with the military body’s established role as a “bastion against all threats”. – KUNA


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