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Art exhibitions build bridges of cultures

KUWAIT: The Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Kuwait University, Dr Abdulhadi Al-Ajmi, stressed Thursday the importance of organizing art exhibitions in building bridges of culture. “They help the convergence of civilizations and peoples and linking them to the cultures of the East and West in the common human history,” he said. Dr Al-Ajmi addressed a press conference which was held to announce that Kuwait will host the exhibition next Monday.

Dr Abdulhadi Al-Ajmi

Greek Ambassador to Kuwait and Bahrain Konstantinos Piperigos said in a similar speech during the conference that the exhibition aims to shed light on the history of King Alexander the Great and his important role in transferring Greek civilization to the region, especially on Failaka Island, which was the land of a military base.

Ambassador Piperigos explained that Alexander the Great embodied the spirit of tolerance and coexistence of religions when he left the peoples he controlled through their exercise of freedom of cultural and religious expression. He underlined that “we may need this global message now more than ever.”

Konstantinos Piperigos

He called on the Kuwaiti public to attend the exhibition and explore the different faces of King Alexander the Great, hoping that it would be one of the successful cultural and civilizational bridges in supporting bilateral relations between Greece and historic Kuwait in various humanitarian fields. – KUNA


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