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Article 22 visa transfer possible after review

KUWAIT: The interior ministry clarified the categories of expats working in the government sector who can transfer residencies to other sectors. It said that it is possible to transfer to article 22 (family) visas after reviewing each individually, Al-Qabas reported. It said in an answer to an education ministry inquiry that the applicant should go to the residency affairs department for transfers to article 22 (family) and 24 (self-sponsorship).

Article 13 of ministerial decree no 957/2019 allowed for issuing temporary or regular residency permits to expats born in Kuwait or those who entered the country according to the articles mentioned in the decision and have a valid passport during their entire stay. Residency can be transferred from one type to another and from one purpose to another as per the rules of the residency affairs department. The residency period is linked to its purpose and can end even before the residency expiry date.

It said transfers between government entities (article 17) requires the approval of the area the expat is working in and the entity wishing to employ them, in addition to Civil Service Commissions approval. As for transfers from the government to the private sector (article 18), it requires an employment permit from the Manpower Public Authority, and the new job should be similar to what the expat was doing in the government sector, with the same specialty and qualifications.

Crime report
KUWAIT: Hawally police arrested a Kuwaiti who was under the influence and found the drug chemical with him, reported Al-Rai. The suspect insulted them and was charged accordingly. Meanwhile, a man impersonating as a detective mugged an Indian after threatening him with a knife. The Indian man told Hawally police the suspect claimed to be a detective and stole his wallet and mobile. Detectives are investigating.

Separately, a Kuwaiti accused a friend of stealing his belongings after he saw him rummaging through his vehicle. The citizen said he left his friend in the diwaniya, but when he returned, he did not find him, so he went out and saw the friend searching in the car. Investigations are underway.

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