Asian commits suicide; Kuwaitis arrested for fighting

KUWAIT: An Asian housemaid hanged herself in her sponsor’s house in Jahra.

Kuwaitis arrested for fighting
Two citizens were arrested for fighting at the diwaniya of a friend. Security sources said the two were joking before things got serious between them. In another development, the owner of a cafe in Nugra filed a complaint against a regular customer, a female citizen, accusing her of smashing the cafe’s glasses and throwing them at others when her order took longer than expected.

Unidentified robbers
An Egyptian reported that unidentified robbers broke into his apartment in Maidan Hawally and stole four gold rings and three valuable watches, including a gold one.

KD 58,000 compensation
A local court sentenced a local resort to pay KD 58,000 in compensation to the heirs of a female citizen who drowned in a swimming pool there.

Hunt for suspects
A search is on for the owner of a sports car who abandoned it on seeing the police in Ahmadi, said security sources. Separately, a female citizen called the police reporting that someone was in the process of breaking into her house in Salwa and that he intended to kill her. Security sources said that on arriving at the scene, the suspect had vanished, but traces of the break-in were visible on the door. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa


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