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Asian envoy in Kuwait accused of sexual assault

KUWAIT: Sources said an Asian expat has filed a complaint against her country’s ambassador in Kuwait, claiming he made sexual advances towards her that she refused, but he lured her to his office and attempted to rape her. She claims the incident took place in mid-November 2018, according to a report in Al-Rai daily yesterday.

Sources said the case is being handled by a criminal court in the capital of their country. The woman (identified as K K) said she has been residing in Kuwait since 2005 and worked as a social specialist at the embassy, following and coordinating social events and affairs of her community, besides working on their problems.

She said she frequently went to the embassy premises and was in direct contact with the ambassador, either in person or over the phone.

She said in the beginning, he used to talk to her about work, but she later noticed he started to call her at midnight while drunk and make lewd propositions, but she always refused them. She added that on Nov 14, 2018, the ambassador called her to his office to “discuss important matters”, but when she arrived, he ordered his office director to cancel all engagements. Both of them then went into his office, only for the secretary to leave a few minutes later. The woman was then surprised by the ambassador locking the door and screaming in her face.

When she asked the ambassador why he was angry, he said she had insulted him when she refused his advances. She claims the ambassador then pulled her towards him, forcefully removed her clothes and attempted to rape her. After she resisted and threatened to scream, she said the ambassador threatened to “destroy her future” if she told anyone anything about what had happened. The woman said that she took her case to her country after she was told she cannot file a complaint in Kuwait because the incident took place inside a foreign embassy, and the alleged suspect has diplomatic immunity. – Al-Rai

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