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Assembly approves amendments on print, audio-visual laws

Kuwait’s National Assembly on Thursday approved in the second deliberation a draft law to amend some provisions of the print and publishing law. Out of 50 attendees, only one voted against the Law, forty-seven voted for the amendment, while two others declined. The amendments reduced the prohibitions from 11 to five, so the law prevents outraging public morals, as well as the disclosure of confidentiality and prejudice to the dignity of people and their religious beliefs, advocating or inciting contempt for any group of society and harming Kuwaiti relations with other Arab or friendly countries. The amendments reduced the value of infringing the Amir authority’s fine for no more than KD 10,000 ($ 33,000).

Also on Thursday, the assembly approved in the second deliberation a bill on amending some provisions of the audio-visual media law, including preserving rights of individuals and their freedoms. Some 52 of the 55 attendees in the session voted in favor of the amendment, one disapproved, and two abstained. The National Assembly began the session by discussing the report of the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs on a bill amending some provisions of Law 61/2007 regarding audio-visual media.

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