Assembly calls for ‘extreme’ caution as tension escalates

MP Adasani to grill Finance Minister over alleged violations

KUWAIT: The National Assembly called yesterday for taking ‘extreme’ caution and sufficient preparations amid explosive security and political developments in the region that could escalate in a military confrontation. The Assembly said in a statement that it has followed with great concern the highly dangerous military, security and political developments in the Arabian Gulf and the region amid high potential for a breakout of armed conflict.

This requires taking the highest degree of caution and necessary measures to prevent the region from sliding into a circle of disputes and rifts that could destroy the states and its population, the statement said. The statement was issued following a special session held by the Assembly last week to study the grave developments and conflict between Iran and the United States.
The statement said that the Assembly debated in the closed-doors session the government preparedness to deal with the developments and the possibility of a war breaking out and ways to provide sufficient protection for citizens and expatriates. The session heard briefings by Cabinet ministers about contingency plans in the oil sector, food security, health and media, the statement said.
The statement expressed the National Assembly’s high estimation of the role played by the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and the official stance of Kuwait in adopting a policy of positive neutrality and exerting great effort to defuse tensions and avert conflicts. The statement called on citizens and expatriates to consolidate internal front and strengthen national unity to confront challenges and dangers.

In the meantime, MP Riyadh Al-Sane said yesterday that he has decided to take part in the grilling against Finance Minister Nayef Al-Hajraf because of the alleged violations at the Kuwait Investment Authority. He said that KIA has refused to allow the Audit Bureau to carry out its role in inspection and supervision.

MP Bader Al-Mulla had said that he will file to grill the Finance Minister early next month over a variety of alleged violations in the ministry and other issues under the minister’s supervision. Hajraf however said that he was ready to face the grilling, adding that he respects the constitutional rights of lawmakers.

The Assembly interior and defense committee yesterday postponed vote on a new draft law stipulating amendments to the citizenship law to make it even more difficult for foreign wives of Kuwaiti men to get citizenship. MP Nayef Al-Merdas said the Interior Ministry has not submitted the draft law because it was waiting approval by the Cabinet.

The amendments stipulate that a foreign wife of Kuwaiti men can obtain citizenship only after 18 years of marriage and when they have children. Under the current law, foreign wives can apply for citizenship after five years of marriage. Merdas also said the committee sent to the national assembly a draft law calling to naturalize up to 4,000 people, mainly stateless people or bedoons. The lawmaker called on the government to quickly start granting citizenship to around 34,000 stateless people that officials have repeatedly said they have the right to be naturalized.

By B Izzak

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