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Atkinson says he’s not a ‘proper actor’

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson doesn’t consider himself to be a “proper actor”. The 63-year-old star appears in ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ alongside award-winning actress Emma Thompson – who plays the role of the UK Prime Minister – and Rowan thinks his co-star is “weirdly convincing” in the role. He explained: “She brought a lot to the movie. I think she’s great. Actually, she’s a weirdly convincing Prime Minister. “You can absolutely see her in the job. Maybe she should be in the job. Who’s to say? “What’s good about Emma is that she’s what I call a proper actor, unlike me. I just fart about for a living, but she’s the real deal. She’s proper Oscar-winning performer.” Rowan has known Emma, 59, for decades and he’s claimed that in spite of her reputation as a serious performer, she also has “comic genes”. He told Collider: “I first knew her as a comic performer. That’s when I first saw her, when she was still a student at Cambridge University. “Since then, she’s done more varied roles, but she’s got a real comic sensibility, which makes her great to perform within a movie like ‘Johnny English’. She can bring the credibility and play the part of the Prime Minister well, but at the same time, she can make the jokes work. “She can say the line in a funny way, and she can make the scenes work and make Johnny English look funny, but that requires comic genes, and she’s definitely got them.”

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