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AUB organized virtual internship program for university students

Naqeeb Amin

KUWAIT: Ahli United Bank (AUB) provided a virtual internship program for several students of universities in Kuwait. This internship program was set up to reflect AUB’s commitment to the local community, and its endeavor to enable Kuwaiti students to develop their skills and enhance their confidence to streamline the start of their careers in finance and banking area.

Several university students in Kuwait participated in the virtual internship program organized by the AUB, including Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST), American University of the Middle East (AUM) and Kuwait University.

Commenting on the virtual internship program, AUB’s Human Resources General Manager, Naqeeb Amin said: “Throughout its long history, the Bank has gained great resilience and unlimited ability to adapt to various variables. Hence, we have devoted efforts to swiftly respond to the changing conditions in today’s fast-paced world, especially in such exceptional circumstances posed by Covid-19 pandemic.

Amin said: “Through this virtual internship program, AUB managed to contribute to the development and advancement of university students’ skills to achieve attunement between theoretical education and practical application, as well as acquiring experiences provided by professional bankers, which help students upgrade their abilities and skills to conform to the needs of the banking labor market.”

Amin assured that AUB is keen to make efforts to develop local talents in both favorable and unfavorable economic conditions, within its commitment to its CSR to train and develop Kuwaiti skills and competencies. Therefore, the bank is keen to provide more digital training solutions that provide the highest degree of flexibility and help trainees to receive greater and more comprehensive internship opportunities without being constrained by distance or time, with adherence to provide trainees with the same level of interaction and normal theoretical and practical benefit.

Amin added: “AUB takes pride in its digital infrastructure and electronic training platform, within a unique system for the training and development based on the best international practices in this area. It is worth mentioning that AUB has been able to achieve great progress in digital advancement.

In this context, Learning and Development Team launched the individual training plan, via the e-learning platform, Learning Management System (LMS) which SAP provides for online training courses, in addition to designing easy-to-learn and effective internship programs to improve the opportunities and effectiveness of training provided by the bank.


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