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Awadhi wins Riding Center championship

KUWAIT: Masayel Club Rider Abdullah Al-Awadhi won the Kuwait Riding Center championship, as he competed with local club riders. Awadhi made a major achievement when he won first, second and fourth places in the main event at 125-130cm. Rider Fawaz Al-Subaie was third, Hamad Al-Hajiri fifth and Khaled Al-Khubaizi sixth.

Technical Director of Kuwait Equestrian Federation, Head of the Fourth Regional Group and Member of the Asian Equestrian Federation Waleed Al-Jassem awarded the winners their prizes. The official committee was headed by Raghad Al-Dabbous.

The race path was designed by rider Abdelrahman Al-Fuzaie assisted by Abdelaziz Al-Ajeel. Field referees were Bader Al-Haifi, and Mai Al-Suqobi. The third run at 115-120 cm was won by Hamad Al-Hajiri, while Mohammad Ghuloum won the second run at 105-110 cm.

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