Azurion therapy platform arriving in Kuwait

Azurion cardiac cath lab

KUWAIT: Philips Azurion is the next generation image-guided therapy platform that allows physicians to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping them to optimize lab performance and provide superior care. Azurion has been developed over a number of years in close collaboration with Philips’ partners to ensure workflow solutions that meet the continuing demands of the intervention lab.

KUWAIT: CEO of Central Circle Co Dr Ziad Al-Alyan and Vice President of Philips Health Systems Vincenzo Ventricelli sign an agreement for the first Azurion cardiac cath lab in Kuwait. The revolutionary state-of-the-art device will be installed in Hadi Hospital.

Azurion is designed to help perform procedures more consistently and efficiently. The highly intuitive usability of Azurion supports medics in quickly and confidently performing a range of procedures. This new future-proof platform will soon be available in Kuwait for clinics and physicians to use.

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