Bahrainis beat up Indian Haris

KUWAIT: Two Bahrainis beat an Indian haris (building janitor) badly for not allowing them to park in front of the building he guards. The two suspects were arrested by detectives in Salmiya, and investigations are ongoing.

Car theft
Jahra detectives are investigating claims by a taxi driver that his car was stolen along with KD 180 by two women. A security source said two veiled women asked him to take them from Zahra to Sulaibiya, and when he arrived there, he was asked to go to a remote area. There the two pulled knives at him and forced him to leave the car. Meanwhile, a thief stole the car of a citizen, who rushed after him. When the car stopped at the light, the victim demanded the thief get out of the car, but he refused and threatened to run him over, then disappeared. – Translated from the Arabic press

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