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Bandar Jumaa wins horse jumping champion

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Hunting and Equestrian Club rider Bandar Jumaa won the Kuwait Equestrian Center Horse Jumping Championship, which is the fifth local tournament for the current season 2022-2023, as he competed with other riders in the main run for the 130 cm height in 37.39 second without faults.

Bandar Jumaa was happy for winning first place in the main run-off following a tough competition from other riders who were ready following training camps in Europe during summer. Masayel club rider Abdallah Al-Awadhi won second place followed by Italian Antonio, Fawaz Al-Subaie and Mohammad Al-Mousa.

As for the 120cm rider Abdelaziz Al-Ajeel was first, Abdallah Al-Awadhi second followed by Fatima Al-Khunaini, Fawaz Al-Rashid, Musaed Al-Shuaibi, Liyan Al-Rakhis, Enaz Al-Enaz and Ali Al-Rifae.

Rider Saad Al-Sulaiman won the 110 cm first place, Tala Barakat second followed by Yousuf Al-Haifi, Mohammad Al-Mulaifi, Abdelaziz Al-Ajeel, Abdallah Al-Hamad, Leyan Al-Rakhis and Aous Al-Tannak.


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