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Bangladesh-Kuwait relations hailed on Armed Forces Day

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: The Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Kuwait held a reception on Monday on the occasion of the 51st Armed Forces Day of Bangladesh at Millennium Hotel. The reception was attended by members of the Bangladesh armed forces, diplomatic officials, ambassadors and the media. Ambassador of Bangladesh Maj Gen Md Ashikuzzaman said the relationship and bond between Kuwait and Bangladesh are inseparable and historically connected. “Kuwait has a special place in the hearts and minds of the people of Bangladesh. Kuwait and Bangladesh are strategic partners in different fields, including the military,” he said.

Regarding visas, the ambassador noted that the embassy has received complaints about family, work, and tourist visas for Bangladeshi nationals. “We had a meeting with officials from the ministry of interior, who assured me that officially Bangladeshis are not restricted, but according to the rules and regulations of Kuwait, a worker needs to bring a ‘no objection’ certificate,” he said. Ashikuzzaman revealed that recently the embassy brought 500 skilled nurses from Bangladesh, adding the nurses will begin work in mid-December. “We are also planning to have a ministerial-level meeting to discuss the current situation with the Kuwaiti side,” he said.

Maj Gen Khaled Ali Al-Kandari, Assistant Chief of Staff for Administration and Manpower of Kuwait Armed Forces, congratulated the Embassy of Bangladesh. “It is an honor and privilege to be here to celebrate with our friends the anniversary of Armed Forced Day. Bangladesh and Kuwait have enjoyed excellent relations for decades,” he said.

“In 1991, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh had a supportive stand with Kuwait during the liberation, which strengthened ties between both countries. Since then, the defense operation has continued to grow in multiple levels, where defense officials have been meeting to enhance and see new perspectives for operations, and are also considering enhancing collaboration to professional military teams,” he pointed out. Kandari indicated that Bangladesh and Kuwait seek to maintain the security of both countries’ peoples and land. “We have much in common; where we have the same defense principles that will hopefully continue to contribute to regional and international security stability.”

Brig Gen Md Hasan Uz Zaman, Defense Attache of Bangladesh in Kuwait, said the Armed Forces Day on November 21 holds special importance not only for them, but also for the people of Bangladesh. “It signifies the paramount importance of comradeship, togetherness and jointness in arms to fight collectively against the enemy. On this day, we pay homage to our war heroes and martyrs. The day inspires the members of the Bangladesh armed forces to renew their oath to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their motherland Bangladesh”.

On the professional development of Bangladesh Armed Forces, Hasan mentioned that following the dream of the Father of the Nation, the Bangladesh armed forces are being modernized under the “Forces Goal 2030”. “As professional armed forces, Bangladesh proudly holds the top position among all troop-contributing countries under the banner of the United Nations for world peace.

Under a bilateral agreement, the Bangladesh military contingent has been deployed in Kuwait since 1991 and supporting the Kuwait armed forces by engaging deeply in constructive and development works of Kuwait. Our armed forces are the symbol of pride, trust and confidence. Its contribution in nation building activities, disaster management and internal security duties are proudly acknowledged by every citizen of Bangladesh,” he said.


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