Be careful

By Abdellatif Sharaa

Yesterday morning while I was driving to work in downtown Kuwait, I noticed a driver driving erratically – with the full meaning of that word – so when at a point I was next to him keeping in mind to try to get away from him, he motioned to me to stop. I obliged, which is something that one should be careful nowadays because of several factors including the coronavirus and crime. The man seemed to be normal, in good health and frankly was not under the influence of anything.

He asked me if there was anything wrong with me. What?! I told him I am ok and thanked him for his care, and said that you also should drive straight and have control, because I thought something is wrong with you! There was something wrong with him, as it did not take more than three kilometers before he was pulled over by two police patrols!

I mentioned the story to remind myself first and all my friends out there to always be careful on the road, be aware of what’s going on and not stop when not absolutely necessary. If there is something wrong with somebody, you can call for police help and they will take care of everything. Just a reminder.

In my previous article, I wrote about some sayings that can translate into wisdom. Allow me to continue today with writing some more of what I consider as food for thought.

• As you let some foods to cool down a little so they can be easier to eat, let some differences subside to become easier to resolve.

• Beautiful things are within us and not in events – when we have a beautiful eye we see everything beautiful, and when we have a satisfied spirit, we will accept the least of things.

• Relations are not measured by how long they are – rather by their effect and beautiful manners.

• Whoever shows interest in you, do not neglect them.

• The elegance of the tongue is an interpretation of the elegance of soul, so during a dialogue do not raise your voice – rather raise the level of your words.

• They said: Poor are those do not know English – they may have difficulty in understanding people, and I say: Poor are those who do not know Arabic – they may find difficulty in understanding the words of the Lord of the people.

• Good hearts are like gold – they never rust even if they become exhausted, because a mere wipe with a good word brings their glitter back again.

Finally, allow me on a personal note to express how happy I am that today marks the first month of the birth of my first female granddaughter Lana, who arrived after three boys. Lana and her parents live in Florida, and I pray to Almighty Allah to protect them and the entire humanity from the pandemic and give those in authority the wisdom to fight it the right way!

Thank you.

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