Beggars arrested

KUWAIT: Police arrested the following while begging in various residential and commercial areas.

Beggars arrested
Beggars arrested

* Iman Yahya Ersan Al-Zulaikhat (Jordanian) – Family visa sponsored by Yahya Habis Kareem.
* Majida Yahya Habis (Jordanian) – Family visa, sponsored by her father Yahya Habis Kareem. They were arrested while begging in Shuwaikh.
* Shah Murad Mousa (Pakistani – working in a farm) – Visa sponsored by Mohammad Hamyan Nafel Al-Arada. He was arrested near Yarmuk coop.
* Thajliya Mislem Khalaf (Bedoon). She was arrested in Sabah Al-Nasser area and had KD 27 on her.
* Hamda Ouda Hazzaa (Bedoon). She had KD 102 with her.
* Yasmeen Hassan Ibrahim (Lebanese) – She was sponsored by Hassan Anwar Ibrahim. She was begging in old Salmiya area market. She had KD 33 with her.
* Yanthaya (Indian) – She was begging in front of Al Khurainej mosque and her visa was sponsored by Hanan Abdelhussein Karam.
* Hiwata Natriji Lilian (Sri Lankan) – She was arrested while begging in Jlaib Al-Shuyoukh malls.
* Nuaimat Faisal (Jordanian) – Arrested while begging with KD 35 in her possession.
* Najah Nour-eddein Al-Sayed Abdallah (Egyptian) – Sponsored by Jaber Farghaly Suleiman Ramadan, with her children Alhassan Jaber, Alhussein Jaber and Mustafa Jaber. They were caught begging in front of Al-Tarkeet mosque in Khaldiya.
Some of the suspects have been deported. Juveniles were sent to juveniles care.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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