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Beyond justification

Badrya Darwish

How fair is the airline business? The whole world was shocked and horrified to see a passenger pulled by force from his seat on the United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky. The guy was humiliated and dragged from his seat as if he was a criminal. Even criminals are protected by laws not to be humiliated, beaten or physically assaulted. There is a basic respect for a human being.

I felt sorry for the man because his wife was also next to him on the flight. The problem that this took place not in a dictatorship or uncivilized, remote, lawless land which every day has coup d’états, military rule and death and no rules.
It happened, guys, in the USA! Which all of us consider the police of the world. So if the police of the world can shamelessly do this to his own citizens, what protections do we expect for the rest of us?

The mind does not accept any justification for the airline. The justification was worse than the crime in the repulsion the world felt in seeing such an act. I watched many TV reports and spoke with many people and they all voiced the same analysis: shock, outrage and disgust with the airline.

And my friends asked, how would I feel traveling to the United States and suppose my son or daughter is with me and the random choice falls on him or her? What would happen to us? We are a family together, we cannot be apart.
It’s not justified to randomly pull someone. Maybe you will harm his life. You never know what are his circumstances, maybe he had a court date that needed to be attended or a deadline or patients to see.

So your random choice, my dear airline, can harm people’s lives for your profit.
No matter what laws or rules you give me that the captain is in charge, this was unjust. Clearly and grossly unjust. I asked my American friend if the guy could at least sue for his rights – as suing is a good business in the US – but she said unlikely as they law is in the favor of the airline.

The most annoying was the shabby response of the airline’s CEO. Would he like to have this thing happen to him or a member of his family?

I love the people of the United States and I find it a democratic country when you know how to fight for your rights. But this law that protects an airline in such circumstances is far away from democracy. It’s disgusting.

Careful guys when you travel in the United States, make sure that you don’t choose an overbooked flight.

By Badrya Darwish
[email protected]

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