We are to blame, not expats

For such a long time, many parliamentary and official statements have been made about Kuwait’s demographic imbalances, and pointing fingers at expats blaming them for this problem. The most recent of such accusations pointed to expats is ‘they have eaten up everything,’ as stated by MP Safa Al-Hashem. In addition, the Interior Ministry recently decided banning the renewal of residency visas of expats’ parents and siblings, with the excuse of reducing the pressure on public hospitals.
Well, to be honest, one has to admit that we, Kuwaitis, are the reason of such imbalances that have been formulating over long decades. Let us just ask ourselves; how did these expats come to Kuwait? Aren’t they sponsored by Kuwaiti individuals, companies or even the government? They did not come out of the blue to force parliamentary committees and the Supreme Council for Planning and Development to convene for several years now to face their growing number.

Yes, indeed. We the Kuwaitis are the reason for the demographic imbalances our country is suffering from. Why haven’t we heard that from any official? Has blaming everything on expats and harassing them around become a means to cover up for the failure of a true confrontation? Don’t officials realize the psychological impact such statements might have?

The problem does exist but the main reason is us, Kuwaitis who are authorized by all laws and regulations to sponsor expats, issue visas for them as well as issue commercial licenses and rent them to expats. There are so many other practices that we, Kuwaitis, have been doing for the sake of making quick and easy money. I know so many might disagree with this established fact.

In the United States, all NGOs rejected president Donald Trump’s decision to ban certain Arab and Islamic nationalities from entering the country. He was sued and the cases were won. Unfortunately, we have been behind making things worse by such statements without seeing a single response or reaction from NGOs. Well, let me say this loud and clear; enough blaming everything on expats. These people do have feelings that we ought to respect instead of blaming them for our government’s failure in any given field.

Expats are judges, teachers, engineers, doctors, university professors, experts, military and civil advisors, journalists, cleaners, sales people and domestic helpers who all are paid in return for the jobs they do. How would they all feel on hearing such statements? Wouldn’t it be wiser to take quieter measures towards adjusting Kuwait’s demography without so much humiliating media propaganda made about it? We should reconsider the privileges of recruiting expats that we Kuwaitis have! — Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Dr Adel Al-Ibrahim

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