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BLM (Black Lives Matter)

By Zain Al Sumait

Black Lives Matter, also known as BLM stemmed out of racial indifferences occurring mostly in America. Did you know that black drivers are 20 percent more likely to get pulled over than white drivers? After hearing this statistic I want you to put yourself in their situation. Knowing that at any time you are more likely to be pulled over by the cops for unknown reasons, and knowing deep down it’s solely because of the color of your skin. How would you feel? I stand before you as an advocate of BLM in order to give light on the matter, and to help make a change in the discrimination that they are facing.

It has been around seven years since the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. The recent killing of George Floyd reignited the movement once again. Floyd was brutally suffocated and murdered by a white police officer named Derek Chauvin. All of this commotion happened because of a supposed $20 counterfeit bill. Ever since the death of Floyd, and many others like him such as Breonna Taylor, riots have broken out around America to protest the rights of black lives. The riots are like busy train stations waiting for the next train to move on.

However, out of this stemmed “All Lives Matter”. Several people have used this phrase because they interpreted Black Lives Matter as being the only race that matters. According to CBS News, “the phrase “Black Lives Matter” does not mean “Black lives matter more,” it means, “Black lives matter, as well.” The term “All Lives Matter” sent out a message to the black community that their lives did not matter, and that was not their intention. The only message they were trying to convey was that they wanted their lives to matter as well.

All this commotion has reached those higher up in power resulting in major changes in policy. Take Minneapolis, the place where Floyd took his last breath, as an example. As stated in Women’s Health, the city council “decided not just to defund the police, which would mean taking money away and reinvesting in community programs, but to dismantle the force completely, replacing police with trained professionals who respond to different types of calls.” Various states around America have followed Minneapolis’s footsteps in order to put an end to racism.

Moreover, throughout the riots, the protesters were seen raising a clenched fist. This then turned into a symbol for the movement. Inews stated that, “the black power fist was used to represent the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ pose. It’s been used ever since, in both social media posts and at rallies, as a symbol of resistance and defiance.” By raising their fist throughout the protest, they are able to influence many other citizens to acknowledge the racism that is occurring and to help protect them.

In conclusion, BLM is like a horror movie where no one knows what might happen next. The movement was reignited after Floyd’s brutal death. Many measures and policies were introduced to ensure that black people are protected and given equal opportunities. Lastly, I would like to leave you with one simple question. What can you do to help the Black Lives Matter movement?


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