Body found in slaughterhouse

crime-scene-picKUWAIT: A man was found dead inside Jahra slaughterhouse, said security sources, noting that the body was found with blood traces on it. A case was filed and the body was referred to forensic medicine to determine the cause of death.

Alcohol possession

Three men were recently arrested with possession of 71 small and 24 large bottles of homemade liquor in Fahaheel, said security sources. The suspects were referred to the proper authorities for further action.


An man reported that his neighbor’s son had sexually molested his 10-year-old son underneath the stairway in the building they both inhabited in Fintas, said security sources. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Offensive writings

A man living in Adan reported that an unidentified person had sprayed his vehicle with spray paint, an wrote some indecent phrases. The man accused nobody but noted that the same remarks had been sprayed before on the walls of his house. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Fugitive caught

A man who had been wanted for a KD 85,000 financial claim was recently arrested in Salhiya, said security sources. He was taken to the proper authorities for further action. Separately, a man was recently arrested with the possession of 70 psychotropic pills while driving a vehicle that had been reported stolen, said security sources noting that the man was also found wanted for a five year prison sentence.

Girl found

Following up the case filed by a family reporting that their daughter, who works for the information ministry, was missing, security sources noted that the girl was found hospitalized in Mubarak Hospital. The girl told police that she was having a stroll along the beach with a friend when she fainted and then woke up to find herself in the hospital.

Meth possession

A man was recently arrested at a routine checkpoint in Jahra with possession of meth, said security sources. They added that the suspect looked so nervous at the checkpoint, which prompted a search for his vehicle where policemen found six bags of the drugs. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Golden necklace

A woman reported that a friend of hers had borrowed a golden necklace to wear it on a wedding but she had been refusing to give it back, avoiding her calls and hanging up on her whenever she called. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

140 shotguns

Following up on the recent case of a gang that was arrested for weapon smuggling, security sources said that one of the suspects led police to a vehicle he had used to hide 140 shotguns inside.

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