Bomb near security building

KUWAIT: Explosives experts removed a bomb that was found near the state security building in Shuhada area. Interior Ministry’s operations department received a call about a foreign object near the building, so police patrols rushed to the scene and removed the explosive device.

Kuwaiti attack Egyptian
A citizen beat and injured a worker in a café. The victim complained at Median Hawally police station. The Egyptian worker gave police a medical report, and details of the suspect including his phone number. Hawally detectives are working on the case.

Saudi with pistol
A Saudi national was taken to Drugs Control General Department after being arrested. A pistol was found in his possession. Customs officers suspected him after he appeared so confused, and when they searched him, they found the pistol.

12 bottles of liquor
Jahra detectives have arrested a bedoon with 12 bottles of imported liquor. A security source said the detectives learned about the suspect’s activity, so they collected information and went to the area where he sells the liquor. A warrant was obtained and his house was raided where the liquor was found.

Driver beat passenger
An Egyptian woman sought police help in Hawally – telling them she was beaten and insulted by a driver. The Egyptian told Nugra police that she had a dispute with a driver over the right of way to go, so he got out of his car, beat her then drove away. She gave them the license plate number.

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