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Book chronicles Suad Al-Sabah’s journey in literature, activism

The book’s cover.

KUWAIT: The Suad Al-Sabah Publishing House recently published book by Kuwaiti writer Fatima Yousuf Al-Ali which chronicles the veteran poet’s journey in literature and activism. The book, titled ‘Why Suad Al-Sabah’, consists of four chapters. The first chapter, titled ‘Suad Al-Sabah… three faces of one coin’ discusses the poet’s family, as well as cultural and poetic identities.

The second chapter is titled ‘Suad Al-Sabah… Motherhood is a homeland’. It includes the role Suad Al-Sabah played as a mother as well as her activism in support of motherhood and children in the Arab world. The third chapter is titled ‘Suad Al-Sabah… a commando searching for the truth’. It covers the battles the poet had fought in search for freedom at the humanitarian, cultural and intellectual levels, and other battles she fought for human rights.

Finally, the fourth chapter, titled ‘Suad Al-Sabah… our civilization’s wealth and a nation’s future’, includes the national achievements Suad Al-Sabah made in defending the Arab world culturally, intellectually, and civilized levels and what she presented for the future of the Arab nation.


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