Boursa adds ‘Corporate Events Calendar’ section to website

KUWAIT: Reinforcing its transparent approach, Boursa Kuwait recently added the ‘Corporate Events Calendar’ section, which displays all listed companies corporate events and other related activities that concerns Boursa Kuwait as well as the investors. The new feature aims to keep Boursa Kuwait stakeholders, mainly investors, up-to-date with market developments, such as those that affect stock prices. This will ensure that investors are provided with an upfront adequate information, required to make sound investment decisions.

All announcements, news and disclosures are standardized for a more efficient access. The events and corresponding dates which will be covered under the Boursa Kuwait ‘Corporate Events Calendar’ section will include: General Assembly Meetings, Dividend Distribution Dates, Capital Increase Calls, Board of Directors Meetings, Financial Results, Corporate Actions Timetable and other announcements. To facilitate the process of tracking down the corporate events of importance for each stakeholder, Boursa Kuwait has made available the option to filter the corporate events by company or type of event and by specifying daily, weekly or monthly views for each.

Boursa Kuwait included key new features offered on the newly launched bilingual website, which contains a much greater range of information, including new charts, ‘live’ data and news updates of Boursa Kuwait corporate events and activities. Information accessibility is a key theme and the revised homepage is designed to make it much easier for visitors to find market information. A key element of the website is a section which explains Boursa Kuwait’s regulations and trading system, reinforcing the company’s long-term commitment to creating open and transparent systems. Boursa Kuwait will continue to develop its offerings and work towards delivering the highest level of efficiency and transparency to its stakeholders.

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