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Brian Capper, Abdul Aziz Matar to set Kuwait on fire

Brian Capper
Brian Capper

KUWAIT: From the edge of space to the Marina Beach, Red Bull sports adventures never cease to fascinate fans and onlookers around the world. Red Bull Bar Bahr is no exception, since not only is it a race that will attract those who have passion for speed, but also an exclusive experience filled with prizes, titles, trophies and thrilling motorsport shows. On his second visit in Kuwait, Brian Capper will perform a side act during Red Bull Bar Bahr on Friday, November 11.

After having performed his first shows earlier this year, Red Bull athlete Brian Capper is set to carry out a show on his motor trial bike, raising the adrenaline levels amongst spectators and participants alike. Born in South Africa, Brian started riding MX at the age of nine, started trial biking at 11, and won his first National title at 18. Adding an extra kick of excitement on to the water track, Abdul Aziz Matar will perform a Jet Ski show as a side act during Red Bull Bar Bahr this Friday.

Matar is a Jet Ski freestyler who started riding Jet Skis back in 2010 and had previously participated in two championships during 2015: UAE Jet Ski Championship in Abu Dhabi in which he won the third place, and Kuwait Jet Ski Championship in which he won the first place, then the second.

Brian Capper, who came all the way from South Africa to perform his show during Red Bull Bar Bahr, expressed his pleasure to be visiting Kuwait, saying: “This is my second visit to Kuwait and I’m very excited to meet the Kuwaiti audience again during the show which I will be performing over the weekend. I invite everyone to come and enjoy the race and the shows during Red Bull Bar Bahr”.

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