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British master perfumer Roja Dove exclusive launch at Harvey Nicolas Kuwait

pr3“I am fortunate to have always lived a charmed life – happy to walk the path I was born to travel along. I was exceptionally lucky with my debut into the professional world of perfumery as I was offered a role within the most prestigious of all French perfumery houses. My training was classical, studying the great masterpieces, and learning the beauty of the raw materials and how they have been used over time to create different effects. In some ways I was totally ruined, I grew up in a world full of vicuna, silk, and cashmere, rather than wool, cotton, and nylon. I am very lucky that I have no-one telling me how to create or what to create. I do not believe it is possible to be creative to order, it is an emotional process. My intuition alone leads me.” – Roja Dove.

In recognition of his work, Roja was appointed as an Ambassador for the Great Britain campaign. Master Perfumer, Roja Dove, is renowned for using the finest quality material s available; from precious Rose de Mai to legendary Ambergris -every Roja Parfums creation is made without compromise.
Every element has Roja’s personal attention to detail. Every aspect is uncompromising and captures Roja’s central philosophy, only the best will do”. The fragrances are so removed from the normality of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ scents they are fragrances that discretely deliver quality, luxury, and sophistication; quite simply, they are- the finest fragrances in the world. The concept for Roja Parfums is simple; it is the first time that a balanced palette of scents has ever been created, allowing a client to find the perfect scent for them.

Like our fragrances we also use precious natural materials for the packaging. For the bottles caps, plaques and boxes we use crystal, gold, precious metal and silk. Considerable skill is required to make and hand finish each Roja Parfums flacon. Each bottle is manufactured in France and made of the purest clearest glass used in the industry. The gold detail is screen-printed in England onto the glass by hand in a process that takes three days to complete. Each perfume cap, the symbol of Roja Parfums, requires fourteen Swarovski crystals each set by hand in a process that takes five days to finish.
The front of each bottle is adorned with a golden plaque applied to the glass by hand in England. Each precious bottle sits within an equally precious presentation box that is hand assembled in England by award winning craftsmen who use the finest quality papers, woods, and silks, many of which are created exclusively for Roja Parfums.

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