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Burgan Bank welcomes home world champ Tariq Al Qallaf

Burgan Bank welcomes home world champ Tariq Al Qallaf

KUWAIT: Burgan Bank was among the first to give Kuwait’s world champion in wheelchair fencing titleholder, Tariq Al Qallaf, a hero’s welcome at Kuwait national airport. The champion was returning from the World Fencing Championship for the disabled “US Epee Championship 2017” which was held in the state of Pennsylvania, US in which Al Qallaf won gold.
Burgan Bank, who serves as a prominent supporter of the Kuwaiti champion performances in local and international fencing competitions, has been endorsing the Kuwaiti world champion for the last three years.

Al Qallaf constitutes a fine example that hard work and determination lead to high-level international accomplishments and recognition. The bank takes pride in sponsoring such local sporting talents whose perseverance and accomplishments make them an inspiration and sets an example to society overall, and to athletes as well.

Burgan Bank aims to provide opportunities for growth and recognizes and invests in talents as part of its continuous efforts to contribute to human development.

Al Qallaf’s victories are not just his; they reflect on Kuwait as a country and are definitely a reason for national pride.
Burgan Bank’s latest sponsorship falls under its recently launched full-fledged community program entitled ‘ENGAGE’ – Together to be the change. This program sheds light on important aspects affecting every segment of the society by promoting social welfare through educational, cultural, social and health initiatives.  Burgan Bank’s approach to ‘ENGAGE’ begins with a vital principle that as a Kuwaiti financial institution, its conduct and policies should be aligned with the needs and interests of the Kuwaiti society.

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