Cable thieves confess to nine robberies

KUWAIT: Power cables thieves who were arrested earlier while attempting to steal from Ardhiya W station, led officers to nine other locations where thefts were committed. Relations and security information department at the Interior Ministry said the stations that were subjected to thefts are: Ferdous area station M, Nahda area state C, Sulaibkhat area station D, Yarmouk area station A, South Surra-Siddiq area station A, Ardiya residential area station C, Sabah Al-Nasser area station D, Jahra – Qasar area station M and Nahda – Sulaibkhat area station E. The statement explains that the suspects sold stolen material to a store run by two Iranians, who were arrested after police raided their store.

No injuries in fires
Firemen dealt with a fire that started in a carpenter shop at the basement of a five-storey building in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh. The building was evacuated and the fire was put out. No injuries were reported, Kuwait Fire Services Directorate Public Relations and Information Department said in a statement. Separately, Shuwaikh and Shuhada fire stations’ men responded to a fire that started on the rooftop of a coal factory in Shuwaikh industrial area. The flames were kept from spreading, and losses were limited to materials only.

Twitter restrictions
The government is working on preparing legal rules to regulate Twitter posts, which will apply on personal accounts, websites or applications that appear daily and are not covered by the e-publications law. The expected government rules will take into consideration important restrictions, laws and official bans by Twitter, Al-Anbaa reported. The restrictions will also include the following: Users are not allowed to impersonate others for any purpose, as such acts misguide others and deceive them; Users are not allowed to have more than one account in order to sabotage or influence opinions of others; Words or expressions that carry threats are not allowed as well as verbal offenses when dealing with others; Sharing of personal or confidential data such as credit card numbers is not allowed even with approval from the person; Pornographic material is not allowed in personal photographs that appear in the background or even in the headline; Twitter is not to be used for disturbing or attacking others.

Smuggling foiled
Kuwait International Airport customs officers foiled an Asian man’s attempt to smuggle nearly eight kilograms of marijuana into the country. Director General of the Customs Directorate Jamal Al-Jalawi said the inspection systems noticed foreign objects in the suspect’s luggage so it was searched manually and drugs were found. Separately, Drugs Control General Department (DCGD) officers found eight drums of 250 thousand Captagon tablets on the coastline of Failaka Island. Police was informed by a citizen regarding the drums.


By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies

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