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CAIT hosts virtual workshop on budget, information systems

KUWAIT: Under the auspices of the Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology “CAIT” Haya Al-Wadani, a virtual workshop entitled “Information Systems and Technology Budget Preparation” was held with the participation of approximately 200 employees of various government agencies who supervise the preparation of IT budgets in the country. The workshop touched upon the mechanisms for inclusion of integrated projects and its technical classification, in addition to the criteria for documenting justifications and priorities for arranging and grouping needs.

The Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology “CAIT” Haya Al-Wadani said that the workshop aims to raise awareness and exchange experiences on how to prepare the budget for the needs of information systems and technology, according to best practices and within the controls and directives set by the Central Agency for Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance.

Wadani added in a press statement on the sidelines of the workshop that budgeting constitutes the cornerstone of a sound government planning system, which is positively reflected on the effective management of public resources, and the implementation of various programs and projects that promote economic growth and development at all levels in the country, in addition to the importance of preparing a special budget.

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