Camp thieves caught

KUWAIT: Three citizens and a Saudi were arrested for multiple camp robberies, said security sources, noting that a police patrol caught the robbers leaving the desert camping area with several items they failed to explain where they got them from. Notably, detectives had received various reports about camp robberies. The robbers, aged 19 to 26, confessed to stealing the items, adding they had sold some of the loot.

No deportation
Well-informed security sources strongly denied arresting or deporting any Egyptians who celebrated after the Egyptian national football team won a match against Burkina Faso in the African Nations Cup. The sources highly commended Egyptian fans’ respect of the country’s laws and regulations, denying that any of them broke the law as mentioned in some rumors.

Policemen tested
Security sources said the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has been randomly subjecting its personnel to drug tests, and if anyone tests positive, he is given a choice either to be treated or dismissed. The sources added that the tests are mandatory and no military personnel can reject them.

A citizen lost control over his vehicle and drove into a compatriot’s garden fence in Kaifan. Security sources said the problem was resolved amicably when the driver promised to repair the damage at his expense.

Ad denied
Informed sources at a local transport company refuted stories about a provocative ad offering vehicle insurance for ‘Expats Only’ for KD 7, and explained that these fees were only for pickup trucks and half lorries, which are urgently needed for the company’s use. So it offered transferring owners’ residencies and published the low insurance fees to attract them.

A bedoon was arrested for abducting a citizen and forcing him to withdraw over KD 4,000 to pay the interest to a sum he had loaned him to pay off some debts, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a citizen reported that his brother had been kidnapped from a Subhan street, and on investigating the matter, detectives found the suspects were part of a gang led by a bedoon that was active in cashing the value of purchases. The gang had paid off a KD 55,000 debt of the kidnapped person in return for interest they never got because a go-between had taken it. Detectives also found that after taking the kidnapped person to various banks to withdraw the amount, the suspects took him to the airport, where bank branches work 24/7. They were arrested there.

A citizen, her three children and a housemaid were rescued when fire broke out in their house in Qadisiya. Security sources said the fire destroyed the house’s furniture and killed two pet dogs. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress to determine the cause of the blaze.

A female citizen in her fifties reported that a person sold her some items for KD 150 which he claimed can help her lose weight, but she found that they were useless. A fraud case was filed and investigations are ongoing.

Drunk man arrested
A citizen who was found sleeping in his vehicle in Fahaheel turned out to be heavily under the influence of drugs. He was arrested with illicit pills, and taken to the proper authorities to face charges. – Translated from the Arabic press

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