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CAN hosts girgian party for children with cancer

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: The National Campaign for Cancer Awareness (CAN) held the ‘healthy girgian’ party for children with cancer on Monday at NBK children hospital in Sabah area. The party was held in cooperation with the ‘I want to learn’ society and the pediatric medicine society. Gifts were distributed to children, both in outpatient clinics and those hospitalized.

Children receive gifts at the hospital.

Hospital director Dr Ali Mulla Ali said such activities are important for children due to their special health conditions and their inability to be in large crowds, as many organizations attempt to take activities to them instead. Meanwhile, CAN Manager Hanaa Jamal said, “we wanted to bring joy to children’s hears in cooperation with societies and private companies.”

She thanked the hospital for hosting the activity and having children and their parents participate. Jamal said such activities lift the children’s spirits and make them accept treatment. She said this campaign is a month-long activity and has a variety of activities, all focusing on spreading awareness about cancer.

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