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CAN organizes Girgian party for sick children

KUWAIT: The National Campaign for Cancer Awareness (CAN) held a Girgian party at the National Bank Children Hospital for children receiving treatments. Gifts were given to them. Dr Hussa Al-Shaheen said the Girgian CAN offered healthy sweeteners as recommended by nutritionists. She said the cooperation by the Director of NBK Hospital Dr Ali Al-Mulla Ali reflects the importance of societal partnership between government entities and the civil society in creating awareness programs.

Dr Hussa said leukemia is the most common cancers in children and the recovery rate increases with early detection, so it is very important for family members and health care providers to be aware of the early signs and symptoms. There are some symptoms that could be early warning for children – such as when a child feels very tired for several days, loss of appetite – accompanied with weight loss, feeling bone pain, continued fever for weeks and red spots on the skin. Such symptoms may be similar to other illnesses, so when such symptoms appear, a doctor’s advice is necessary.

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