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Canadian trade mission organizes workshop, education health expo

CIHEA connects partner organizations and potential clients

KUWAIT: Canadian International Health Education Association poses with Martine Moreau, Canada Ambassador to Kuwait at Sheraton Hotel yesterday. — Photo by Yasser Zayyat

KUWAIT: A 24-member delegation from Canadian International Health Education Association (CIHEA) organized a one-day trade workshop in Kuwait. The event, in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Kuwait, was held at the Sheraton Hotel and attended by students and faculty members from various medical organizations and Kuwait University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Martine Moreau, Canadian Ambassador to Kuwait, welcomed the delegates, stressing its importance in strengthening their grasp of the education and medical field. “I am very happy to welcome the delegation comprising mostly of medical specialists, people from academia and educators. They are here to help us in efforts to strengthen our bilateral cooperation in the field of medicine and education. Students from Kuwait and patients from this part of the world are most welcome in our institutions, bearing in mind the world-class excellence and brilliancy of Canadian institutions. Kuwait wants the best for its citizens. Canadian expertise can really help in many ways, enhancing health services and providing even better outcomes,” she said.

The delegation was headed by Andrew Padmos, Chief Executive Officer of Royal College and the head of CIHEA. “CIHEA provides mutual assistance to connect with partner organizations and potential clients in countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE. We have representatives here from the organizations under CIHEA. We have with us members from faculty of medicines, from schools that train health professionals, and we have hospitals, associations and companies covering a wide range of sectors in health and education,” he said.

“We want to connect to the people of Kuwait and the people involved in the medical and education fields. My organization, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, has had a relationship with the Kuwait Institute of Medical Specialization (KIMS) for three years to help them expand their specialization. The idea is to help, strengthen and enhance residency training done by KIMS. We have a responsibility to oversee the training of Kuwaiti physicians after they graduate,” Padmos added.

The group had a brief meeting with Mustafa Al-Redha, undersecretary at the health ministry. Tammy Ames, Counselor, Commercial Department, said the delegation held a brief meeting with Redha and relayed interest in renewing cooperation with Canadian investors and businesspeople. “They already have knowledge about Canada’s strengths, but for us it’s a matter of re-stressing our expertise and what else we can do. Canadians are not very good in bragging or waving our flags, but today we are actually doing this to encourage Canadians to try out opportunities in Kuwait and vice versa,” she said.

Ames said the mission was able to understand the importance of GCC and particularly Kuwait. “I told the delegation how important healthcare is to many Kuwaitis. This particular mission is broad and diverse, but also a lot of opportunities were uncovered. This is just the beginning of even more opportunities for both sides,” she said. Some Kuwaiti doctors and professors made a presentation on the future of medical education in Kuwait, where it stands today and where it is heading.

By Ben Garcia

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