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Candidate Sayer outlines top priorities of new term

Muhannad Al-Sayer

KUWAIT: Parliamentary candidate from the third district Muhannad Al-Sayer said priorities during the first phase of the new parliamentary term must include amendments to the election law and laws related to freedoms. They must also include amending the law establishing the administrative department at Kuwait’s Plenary Court, he said, adding that the government must be committed to present its program. He said the general amnesty law must be passed, in addition to amending the internal rules of the National Assembly.

Sayer called on Kuwaitis and candidates who agree with his views to join him in what he called the ‘first session address’ in order to protect people’s rights and defend their freedom and finances. He said the amendment of the election law must achieve justice and equality and true representation of the nation’s will, with the establishment of an independent authority to supervise the elections and prevent direct or indirect interference, official or otherwise.

Sayer said related legal systems should also be amended to reveal the defects that influence voters, including voting with the civil ID to prevent transfer of votes, establishment of a supervisory authority for political funds and preventing political appointments and considering it a crime.

He called for the amendment of the law establishing the administrative department at the Plenary Court to enable judges to deal with issues of granting or revoking citizenship in order to protect the national identity from any political blackmail or political influence and work to protect the dignity of Kuwait and Kuwaitis.

Sayer said the government must present its working program as mentioned in article 98 of the constitution, which must include clear details and certain timeframes about measures taken or pending with regards to violation of public funds at state establishments, such as the military fund, Eurofighter deal, money laundering, social security, Malaysian fund scandal, coronavirus crisis expenses, ports funds and other suspected corruption cases. He said the general amnesty law must be submitted and quickly approved, related to issues of opinion and political cases in order to protect Kuwait’s people and their free will of expression.

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