Car thief arrested, search on for accomplice – Duo arrested in abortion case

crimesKUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested a man responsible for multiple car break-in and theft cases reported across Kuwait. The suspect, an Ethiopian national, was ambushed in his residence after he was identified and monitored, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The man admitted responsibility for crimes in which he would follow bank clients who withdraw cash from ATM machines until they leave their vehicles. He would then break into the vehicle and steal the cash left inside. A total of ten cases were found to have been filed against the man. Meanwhile, investigations are ongoing in search for the suspect’s accomplice, who reportedly helped him transfer the stolen money outside the country.

Jahra police arrested a couple yesterday on accusations of conducting an abortion to get rid of a baby that was conceived out of wedlock. Patrol officers had reportedly approached a man who was walking suspiciously near Kabad Road. The man, an Asian national, suffered a nervous breakdown as soon as police stopped him, prompting the officers to transport him to the Sulaibiya investigations office. There, the man admitted that he had just helped his girlfriend conduct an abortion, and then buried the fetus at an open square in Kabad. Detectives headed to the location and found the dead fetus covered in a blanket that was put in a plastic bag and then buried underground.

Further investigations allowed Jahra detectives to arrest the man’s girlfriend, an Asian woman, who admitted during investigations that she bought an abortion injection from a person who claimed to be a physician. She also said that the doctor helped her boyfriend bury the fetus. The two were taken to the Jahra prosecution department for further legal procedures

Domestic helpers
The Residency Affairs Department busted eight domestic workers recruitment offices in violation of residency and visa regulations during a crackdown carried out recently in cooperation with the Criminal Evidence General Department. A number of absconding workers were arrested during the operation.

Security campaigns
Mubarak Al-Kabeer officers carried out security campaigns around the governorate recently which resulted in the arrest of 347 fugitives, 220 persons reported absconding, 180 visa violators as well as 30 persons with possession of drugs and alcoholic drinks. Forty vehicles were also impounded during the operations.

Farwaniya fire
A fire broke out in a 400 square meters basement of a 4-story building in Farwaniya Thursday night. Firefighters from three separate fire centers tackled the blaze which started in a carpentry inside the basement. No injuries were reported as firefighters managed to evacuate the building’s residents unharmed before tackling the blaze. An investigation was opened to determine the circumstances that led to the fire.
Sexual services
Hawally police arrested three homosexual men who offered sexual services at a gym in the area. They were taken to the proper authorities for legal procedures.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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