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Celebrating 15 years of Gulf Journal of Oncology

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Secretariat General of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control celebrated the 15th anniversary of the publication of the Gulf Journal of Oncology during a press conference held in the presence of several members of the association, during which research published on cancer in these 15 years was reviewed.

Secretary General of the Association, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Dr Khalid Al-Saleh said the number of published papers has reached 478 from 35 countries around the world. He said the journal has received recognition as a reference journal in the American national register PubMed and Medline since Jan 2009, and it is now a reference for scientific research related to cancer in the Middle East.

Saleh said the journal is the main source to encourage researchers in GCC countries, which publishes their outstanding papers that receive approval. He said 50 papers are published papers every year, adding it receives more than 150 papers annually from countries around the world. He said 50 percent of the papers are approved, while the waiting time for publication is six months to a year. The association publishes three issues annually.

Dr Saleh said this journal is published on the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control webpage www.gffcc.org. Researchers can submit their papers online on www.gffcc.org/journal. Dr Saleh thanked Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences for its support, besides the National Campaign for Cancer Awareness (CAN), for their technical support for the journal and all societies in the GCC, and members of the association for their continued support for this journal, which is an important source of scientific publications.


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