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Chamber optimistic in ‘satisfactory’ solution on 60+ expats’ ban

KUWAIT: As a ban on employment of expatriates without university degrees who reach the age of 60 and above is fast approaching, several questions have been raised about the negative economic repercussions on some activities. Occupational activities may be badly affected because they will lose skilled workers who contributed and are still contributing in developing their work and transferring knowledge and accumulated experience to future generations.

Many owners believe that the decision is unjust towards occupational workers who were trained inside and outside Kuwait and honed their skills until they became experts, and it is not fair to let them go in this fashion, reads a report published by Al-Qabas Arabic daily yesterday.

Kuwait Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mohammad Jassim Al-Saqer says in the report that the chamber is preparing an integrated technical study related to its views on resolving the country’s demographic imbalance, which is expected to be ready soon. Commenting on the 60-year decision, Saqer said several meetings with Social Affairs Minister Mariam Al-Aqeel and Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Al-Mousa were held.

“We found them cooperative, which indicates that a final solution may be reached on the ban of employing those 60 and above without degrees in a way that satisfies all parties,” he said. He added the authority’s decision, besides being not right, has negative effects on certain economic activities, adding that the peak of a man’s contributions are during the period between 60 and 70 years of age.

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