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Charity bodies fully support Kuwait’s initiatives: Al-Baghli

KUWAIT: Social Affairs and Social Development Minister May Al-Baghli has visited a number of charity organizations and met with authorities to make sure that the working mechanism is running smoothly and that they have all necessary support to remove all obstacles in order to do their role in the best way possible.

“These initiatives come within the framework of the royal directives and instructions of the council of ministers to sponsor and support charitable efforts in the country within the framework of the humanitarian role led by Kuwait,” the ministry announced in a press statement. The ministry stated that Al-Baghli’s tour on Sunday included the “Insan Charitable Society, the Kuwaiti Society for Relief and the Beit Al-Khair Society.”

“The Ministry is keen on communicating directly with charities, facilitating their work in accordance with the law and providing them with the necessary care to carry out their role. Charitable work in Kuwait enjoys the support and care of all state institutions, led by the Social Affairs Ministry for the continuation of humanitarian assistance,” the statement added.

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